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JIM1103F My Classmates (BEL311)

My Classmates

My mum once said that university is a sacred place where we find, our imagination enhanced, skills developed and your compassion enriched. It's been nearly a year and half I been studying in this university. I've met and made friends from various backgrounds and faces. Some of them are my room mates and some are my class mates. We have written lots of history together till now. Some of them are laughter for the heart and some are tears that shed from our eyes. This essay is about my classmates, from what we had for the past semesters and the jewel we made together till now and that is the memories of our class.


A) Muhammad Azri 

This is Azri, some of my friends called him 'Ayie'. In my view, he's a kind of a person who always busy with the university's events. To me, he is a hardworking guy with a good sense of humor. He loves to take picture with his fancy camera. He also knows how to edit a pictures and have the knowledge of using software. Some said he's a sweet talker among girls and lecturers. Azri loves to hang around with the girls, sometimes I think he's a romantic type of person and lovely.

C) Ahmad Syahir

Syahir, he's the most active guy in the class. He loves to talk, to me, he's a happy-go-lucky type of man with his funny humor. He always hang with Syahfie, on the way to class, during lunchtime even they always do their assignment together. He loves play futsal and every evening he always went down to the field to play with his friends. Among the other boys, he's the most responsible guy than the others. He knows how to work and carries his work on time. He knows how to bond in with others and he always help his friends when they are in troubles.

D) Muhammad Syahfie

Syahfie, he always hang with syahir. Everywhere they go, they will be together even around the university. Syahfie always crack jokes around us. Syahfie has a beautiful voice, sometimes he involved himself in the nasyid activity in the university, he join a nasyid group called the Khalifa. Syafie is an open minded guy, sometimes I share my problems with him. He knows how to handle certain situation and he knows how to treat his friends right. I find it funny when the time he speaks in english, with the slang and accent he made. everytime he speaks I will burst out laughing about it.

E) Muhammad Hakiim

Hakiim, he's one of my best friends. I always hang with him and do my assignments with him. He knows how to make me laugh and he know how to bond in with others. In my view, he's a fun and lovely guy and sometimes he went frenzy with his jokes. He loves to tease others especially the girls. Hakiim is a quiet guy everytime when the class started. He always sit beside me in the class and he always pay attention during the class. I find it funny when the time he laugh, because to me he's laughing style is one of a kind. I'm very lucky to met a person like him in this university.


1) Sayang Zuliza

There many of the girls in the class that are really quiet. Sayang is one of them. To be honest, this is the first time I found a girl named sayang. Because before this I never find any girls named sayang. So to me, I find her name quite unique and interesting. Back to the post, sayang is a hard working girl, even though she's a quiet person. Sayang always smile in the class, I rarely find her upset or sad. In my opinion, she's a person who loves to hide her emotions. Everyday Sayang always came to the class with  Amy, Fazlin and Haneefa. I rarely find them apart from each other.To me, they are like family to each other, they always went everywhere together even to the toilet. I find them quite a unique and interesting group of girls.

2) Zafeera Aswani

Zafeera is an interesting girl, I find her hard to predict what kind of person her is. She's an educated type of girl, sometimes I rarely find her talking about other things than education stuff. Most of the girls in the class love to smile, so I would consider zafeera is one of them. One thing that I spotted about her, she always cover her mouth or lips everytime when she burst out laughing. So, I find her a polite and humble girl. She knows how to watch her manner even with the old ones.

3) Nur farahin Zuhairi

Farahin, She's an unique person I known. Currently, She's the Assistant Class Representation for this current semester. In my opinion, she's a responsible type of girl. She knows how to handle her time and her duty. I rarely find her laughing in the class and that's the part of her that I find unique and interesting. Farahin always hang with other girls even she's a quiet type of person. In addition, I find farahin rarely hang with the boys, maybe she shy or something. But to me she's an interesting type of girl in the class.

4) Fatin Hannah

Fatin Hannah, She's a motherly type of  person. She always came to the class along with Fara Syafikha and Noor Afizah. In my view, Fatin is a serious person in a certain situation. She never take her responsibility lightly.  To me, Fatin is a very responsible girl. She knows how to handle her work and how to carry them fast and on time. One thing about Fatin Hannah, she knows how to react and face certain situations. She knows how to treat her friend well and knows how to deal with boys in the class. 

5) Farah Syafikha

Farah Syafikha, In my view, she's like sporty type of girl. The unique about her is she is combined born from chinese and malay. About her, she always hang with Fatin Hannah. So does with Noor Afizah. Sometimes, I find her quite silent type of girl. But, uniquely I always found her laughing with her mates. Farah rarely hang with boys in our class, she always hang around the girls especially with Fatin and Afizah. 

6) Noor Afizah

Afizah, she's the type of girl who always stand-alone. The only people I saw her hang with are just Fatin and Farah. In my eyes, three of them is like triplets with the same head and mind. I always found them laughing with each other and came to the class together. It's rare to see them apart from each other. Maybe this is the bond of a true friends.

7) Nur Farahin Adnan

Farahin is a very happy-go-lucky girl. Among the other girls,  I found that she's the only one girl who we boys can easily talk about anything. About her style, she really into boyish type of style. Her appearance and clothes nearly same as boys. One thing that I found unique about her, it's hard to see her upset or sad. In the class, I always found her smiling even when the lecturer is not out type of lecturer.

8) Serena

About Serena, among the other girls she's the only one I don't know much about. Sometimes, one of our lecturer called her Serena Williams. A name of a star or something. Serena is a very quiet person. Its hard to see her talking in the class.  The only thing I know about her is she always sit beside a corner or beside the wall in the class, deserting herself from the middle of the class.

9) Yuslina

Yuslina is a very open girl, sometimes I found her face similar to one of our lecturer Pn. Razifah. Uniquely! both of them acting like the same to each other. Sometimes, I thought Pn. Razifah is the picture of Yuslina when she turn an adult. Yuslina always cover her mouth everytime she smiles, she always watch her manner in class, I hardly hear her laughing out loud in class. To me, she's very polite girl.

10)  Ana Shazreen

Ana is the most friendly girl in the class, she always crack jokes in the class and make us burst our laugh and smile. She always tease her friends in class, sometimes the most loudest girl in the class is her. In my point of view, she's an open minded type of girl. She always hang with Fatin Azman and Nurul Herdayani and she always sit beside them. 

11) Herdayani

Herdayani, most of us called her "Cik Com". She is the most weird girl in the class, I found her hard to understand. Herdayani is the most talkative girl in class. Everytime she starts to speak, we always burst our laugh out loud. Her style and her appearance is really unique and weird to me. Herdayani is the most active girl in the class, she always bond in with the girls and the boys. She never afraid to share her opinion with others that's the most interesting part of her.

12) Hanis Syahira 

Anis syahira is the most simple girl in the class, she dressed moderately to class.Nothing fancy about her, she's just simple in her way. Sadly, she quitted yesterday. Because she got promotion back at her home. Hanis is very quiet person, I hardly saw her talking much in the class. About her, she always came to the class alone. What I think about her, it seems like she always think of something everytime she shut herself from talking. Maybe she got something behind her sleeves. Who knows?

13) Nurhafizah

Pieja, most of us called her Pieja. Hafizah can be classed as one of the quiet girls in class. I hardly see her smiling or talking much in class. I never see her laughing out loud in class. As an information, Pieja is one of the most oldest girls in our class. She always watch her attire carefully and she always watch her manner carefully even outside of the class.

14) Azmah

Azmah is 'rocker' type of girl, She always wear dark clothes. Maybe, she is a "rocker" type of girl or maybe she's into "mat rempit" type of style. Who knows? Azmah maybe dress a bit boyish, but I still think she's soft and girly still.

15) Hafini Abas

About Hafini, I don't really know about her. What I know is, she's really quiet during the class time. She always hang with the girls she knows. Somtimes, I saw her laughing all alone with her friends. Maybe she's not into social type of girl. That's good of her because she knows how to watch her pride as a woman and watch her manner among the boys.

16) Noor Hidayah

Hidayah is one of the oldest girls in our class. Me and Hakim sometimes spotted her smiling all alone during the class time. Hakim really adores her smile. Every women have their certain unique and attractive part of body. That's what I think about every girls. Sometimes, I saw Hidayah always staring outside of window. What I think about her is maybe there's something on her mind that bothers her. Maybe that's why she always turned quiet for a sudden.

17) Zahirah Ezzaty

Zahirah or sometimes can be called 'Along' is one of the girls that close to me in the class. Along is also one of the girls that can be sometimes dressed like a boy. Along loves to watch Crows zero movies, I don't know why. But, I still think she's unique and interesting type of girl. She's also an open minded girl. She really opens with every topic that we discussed. 

18) Fatin Azman

Fatin, me and Azri sometimes called her 'Baby' I don't know why, but sometimes we called her by the name 'Baby'. Fatin is childish type of girl, She's really fun person to hang with. The way she laughs is very unique. I think she has a very good sense of humor. She knows how to make a person smile and laugh. I love to hang with her because she knows how to crack me always. Fatin is also a type of girl who loves to tease other people, sometimes she make pranks on most of us. She knows how to bond with other people either girls or boys.

19) Nurul Fetri

Fetri is one of the smartest girls on our class, she's really hardworking type of girl. She's a girl who knows how to hold responsibilities around. Fetri is a quiet girl in class, she don't talk much around us. But, she still hang around the class. Fetri knows how to plan her time well, it seems like she always do something on time. That's why I think, she knows how to handle her time really well.

20) Haifaa

Haifaa, she always remind me of my second younger sister Aqilah Batrisyia. Because the way she talk and dress. Even her face reminds me of my little sister. Among us she's the most quiet person in the class. One thing that unique about her is she knows how to talk even in English. Her ideas sometimes really amazed me, she knows how to think and analyse something really well.

21) Nurul Fazlin

Fazlin, always hang around Amy and Haneefa. I hardly see her laugh or hang around boys. Maybe she is shy around us. Fazlin always smile around the girls. She even smile to some simple jokes. I found her really interesting type of girl because everytime she speaks infront of us, especially boys, she always ended up covering her mouth and smile. That's one thing that is unique about her.

22) Amy Rashidah

Amy, amy loves korea and some other cute things. She's abit childish at a time, because even her blog shows her that type of girl. Amy always hang with Haneefa. Both of them look like a couple, sometimes. Amy dressed like a school girl sometimes, this show that she has a mind and soul of a young girl. Amy hardly social around boys, but what I know is she always teased by us, boys. 

23) Haneefa Mokhtar

Haneefa is one of the smallest girls in our class. She always hang with Amy. Even they went to class with each other everytime. Haneefa is also one of the smartest girls in our class. She knows how to organize her studies. Plus, she even knows how to speak infront of the class. Haneefa doesn't hang much around the other girls because she always stick around Amy. They both look like a married couple sometimes.

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